Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Tomorrow I see my mom, have a guitar lesson, get my new phone and do some homework for Trig and English

Anyways, for my birthday i'm going out to dinner friday with my family, then saturday with my bestfriends, and then sunday with my friends from school. Probably all at On The Border.

So my dilemma lately is losing enough weight to be able and pull off some certain clothes im trying out. 15 lbs in 3 monthes. I think i can do it. 7 before spring break which is one month. .

Well here are some drawings I've done lately and some old ones.

God that marilyn monroe picture is soooooo much better in person its crazy

Well im sure you can tell which one is newer and which ONES are older (hint) : the last three
but yeah nothing exciting im sure there will be something soon though

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Marilyn Hayward said...

awesome drawings...love the Marilyn...but then again, I'm pretty crazy about my namesake! Have a happy birthday!