Sunday, February 17, 2008

Okay so my birthday was AMAZING,
me and my friends went to applebees and got a table full of slutty girls dressed
head to toe in abercrombie to sing me happy birthday,
it was amazing, and i got the cutest new bag,

I got my first spray on tan and i usually hate over fake baked girls, but i asked for a light one,

and it turned out completely natural and looks like i just went tanning a couple times over the weekend. very impressed.

So Im getting these minnetonka boots as a late bday gift when i get them, there will def be some pictures up, i dont feel like uploading pictures so when i do they will be up

haha .

not a great post but whatevs

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Tomorrow I see my mom, have a guitar lesson, get my new phone and do some homework for Trig and English

Anyways, for my birthday i'm going out to dinner friday with my family, then saturday with my bestfriends, and then sunday with my friends from school. Probably all at On The Border.

So my dilemma lately is losing enough weight to be able and pull off some certain clothes im trying out. 15 lbs in 3 monthes. I think i can do it. 7 before spring break which is one month. .

Well here are some drawings I've done lately and some old ones.

God that marilyn monroe picture is soooooo much better in person its crazy

Well im sure you can tell which one is newer and which ONES are older (hint) : the last three
but yeah nothing exciting im sure there will be something soon though

Monday, February 11, 2008

Lazy Monday

So basically it was a lazy monday for me
Good news:
  • A- on my paper (my teacher NEVER gives A's)

  • Get the voyager[phone] for my birthday early on wednesday

  • Im feeling optomistic

Bad News:

  • I have a B in trig and in honors english [yikes]

  • I can't go to the gym this week because i have a lazy friend who wont take me

  • Still another month until Spring break
  • So I know it sounds weird but my bestfriend [of 11 years] and her boyfriend and I are all really close so for valentines day I am spending it with them. Lame i know.
[shes on the right, blonde. Im on the right, brown]
Her name would be Danielle and her boyfriend is konner, i have a picture dont worry :)
[his is below hers]

Pointless day really, tomorrow will be okay

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Time to get it started...?

Julia, 15, Kansas. Me summed up in three words. (Oh and i'll be 16 in 6 days!)

Okay so its almost spring time and I've decided that only eating half way healthy and working out only 3 times over the course of two weeks is not cutting it. I need to get in shape, the reason...No not for boys...guess not to be a model, how about so i can wear some amazing clothes! talk about a reason to lose this weight.

Anyways, Tomorrow i have school its a full week but my birthday is on saturday so something to look forward to. After that I will be looking forward to spring break! yeahhh! kind've stoked.

Well I just got my hair done and i want it to be lighter but i figure ill just let it go and before summer starts i'll get more blonde in it, This picture is of me at a swim meet, kinda humid so it looks all frizzy and flipped out, but yeah im in the middle,

Haha i know i look cute right,

So Goals to accomplish before summer ! :

1. Lose about 15 lbs

2. Get a decent Job (to pay for a decent car)

3. Get better at guitar

4. Draw some more amazing pictures (get better artistically)

5. Get a 3.75 for the 2nd semester and at least 1 scolarship

I think i can do it if i keep focused.