Monday, February 11, 2008

Lazy Monday

So basically it was a lazy monday for me
Good news:
  • A- on my paper (my teacher NEVER gives A's)

  • Get the voyager[phone] for my birthday early on wednesday

  • Im feeling optomistic

Bad News:

  • I have a B in trig and in honors english [yikes]

  • I can't go to the gym this week because i have a lazy friend who wont take me

  • Still another month until Spring break
  • So I know it sounds weird but my bestfriend [of 11 years] and her boyfriend and I are all really close so for valentines day I am spending it with them. Lame i know.
[shes on the right, blonde. Im on the right, brown]
Her name would be Danielle and her boyfriend is konner, i have a picture dont worry :)
[his is below hers]

Pointless day really, tomorrow will be okay


Marilyn Hayward said...

I'll definitely link you! I thought i'd comment you on your blog since blog comments are way more fun. I'm from kansas also...amazing!

anna. said...

well, the day seems over all good
i have a b in double advanced math