Sunday, February 10, 2008

Time to get it started...?

Julia, 15, Kansas. Me summed up in three words. (Oh and i'll be 16 in 6 days!)

Okay so its almost spring time and I've decided that only eating half way healthy and working out only 3 times over the course of two weeks is not cutting it. I need to get in shape, the reason...No not for boys...guess not to be a model, how about so i can wear some amazing clothes! talk about a reason to lose this weight.

Anyways, Tomorrow i have school its a full week but my birthday is on saturday so something to look forward to. After that I will be looking forward to spring break! yeahhh! kind've stoked.

Well I just got my hair done and i want it to be lighter but i figure ill just let it go and before summer starts i'll get more blonde in it, This picture is of me at a swim meet, kinda humid so it looks all frizzy and flipped out, but yeah im in the middle,

Haha i know i look cute right,

So Goals to accomplish before summer ! :

1. Lose about 15 lbs

2. Get a decent Job (to pay for a decent car)

3. Get better at guitar

4. Draw some more amazing pictures (get better artistically)

5. Get a 3.75 for the 2nd semester and at least 1 scolarship

I think i can do it if i keep focused.

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the t-shirt girl said...

this is a cool blog, you have funny 60s photos. :] lets link up!